Our Team

Natalia Rabin

Advanced Training

  • Graduate of the Balanced Body University
  • Trained in Suspension Pilates, Pre Natal, Post Natal Pilates, Barre, + CoreAlign
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment Training
  • Trained by “pilates senior” Lolita San Migel
  • Trained by renowned pilates professional and Balanced Body educator Joy Puleo

Natalia Rabin

Clinical Pilates* Professional


Natalia is fully certified pilates instructor. She is a graduate of the Balanced Body University comprehensive training program. Natalia also took courses under the tutelage of “pilates senior” Lolita San Migel as well as the renowned pilates professional and Balanced Body educator Joy Puleo. Natalia specializes in whole-body health and comprehensive wellness, and has a trained understanding of body movement, fascial connections, alignment, muscular-skeletal problems, and ways to address and retrain movement patterns using a variety of pilates equipment. In addition to specializing in classical pilates (Reformer, Trapeze, Chair, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Mat, etc.), Natalia is trained in Suspension Pilates (using TRX or other suspension system), Pre Natal, Post Natal Pilates, Barre, CoreAlign. She also has Selective Functional Movement Assessment Training (SFMA), allowing her to better understand the healing approaches used by other health professionals, such as registered physiotherapist, osteopaths, and other professionals who perform a movement-based diagnosis. Currently, Natalia works closely with specialists in physiotherapy and rehabilitative treatments, providing a unique service that integrates an individually-tailored pilates exercise program into a comprehensive movement-based treatment for clients.

Natalia believes that even specialists are always learning, and this drives her to continue to enhance her knowledge of body anatomy and movement through continued enrollment in a specialized classes.

Her long-term goal is to use her interdisciplinary knowledge of body movement to create an integrated, custom-tailored, and comprehensive program that helps restore physical self-awareness in clients,while addressing chronic imbalances to help clients return to full mobility and unhindered physical functionality.

Natalia has a broad experience working with a wide range of clients, including: pre/post natal clients, clients returning to physical activities after injuries (both age or sport related injury),competitive athletes, and professional dancers.

Natalia has come to pilates from a varied background. She has an experience as a martial arts instructor and, before that, as a young ballet dancer. She is also a co-founder and current assistant CEO of Calem Technology Inc, an HVAC business she helped build with her husband almost 16 years ago. As a mother, teacher, coach, and business owner, Natalia understands first-hand how difficult it is to strike a balance between work, family, and wellness.Pilates has not only helped her improve her posture, balance, core strength, and joint health, but it has helped to learn mindfulness, deepen her concentration, and reestablish a strong body-mind connection. Natalia is passionate about sharing her love of pilates with all of her clients, and hopes to help each individual personally discover what pilates can do for them.