Our Team

Clementine Cheng

Advanced Training

  • Anatomical acupuncture
  • Bachelor of Science
  • UBC Gunn IMS
  • ConnectTherapyTM Series Graduate
  • Masters of Rehabilitation Science
  • Completed courses in manual therapy, manipulative therapy, and myofascial release
  • Post-graduate courses in BET

Clementine Cheng

Registered Physiotherapist


Clementine graduated from the University of Alberta in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. She completed her Masters of Rehabilitation Science through McMaster University in 2008 and went on to publish a paper in 2010 on the use of Rehabilitation Ultrasound Imaging in the assessment and treatment of multifidus and transverses abdominus in low back pain patients.

Clementine brings an unique background in neurological rehabilitation, as she worked for 10 years at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre seeing patients with traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and neuromuscular disorders.

To enhance her skill set and knowledge base, Clementine is certified in anatomical acupuncture through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada, certified in UBC Gunn IMS (Intramuscular stimulation), completed courses in manual therapy, manipulative therapy, and myofascial release. She has also pursued post-graduate courses in BET (Biokinetik Exercise Technique) Physio-Pilates after experiencing personal improvement towards her recurring injuries.

In 2018, she completed her ConnectTherapyTM Series with Dr. LJ Lee after seeing the difference it had on her spouse with debilitating back pain and seeing the life changing effects on his rehabilitation journey. Clementine is passionate about using this model to assess and treat her patients. ConnectTherapyTM is a whole person approach to assessing the symptoms the patient is experiencing. Using a detailed diagnostic system, she aims to discover the underlying impairments that are leading to the patients’ symptoms. Sometimes the underlying problem area may be pain-free but still non-optimal. Through assessment, an individualized exercise program is designed to retrain your brain towards new movement patterns, which then lead to more optimal strategies for moving.

In her ongoing continuing education, Clementine is also pursuing post-graduate osteopathic courses through Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques in Osteopathy Mechanical Link. Clementine is a highly dedicated therapist who strives to ensure her patient receives the best quality of care. In her spare time, she enjoys being active outdoors with her husband and three kids.

Fluent in Cantonese and basic Mandarin.