About Us

Who We Are

True Physio + Pilates is Richmond’s first and only Premier Physiotherapy clinic offering Clinical Pilates

Our new space is designed with movement in mind. A thoughtfully created fitness studio integrated with rehabilitation bridging the gap between training and rehab. Private, spacious treatment rooms for One to One therapy, dedicated space and specialized equipment for Clinical Pilates in a 4000 square foot space with beautiful natural light.

Additional Amenities include on-site retail, a pilates studio and premier fitness classes in our dedicated fitness center.

Our Philosophy:

To educate, inspire and empower our clients to move well to reach their maximum potential. We believe education is a powerful tool, and we aim to help every client thoroughly understanding their body. Empathy and compassion is part of who we are, we aim to get a deep understanding of your personal needs and goals, and help you to achieve them. We are proud to deliver exceptional care to our clients and hope that our new space will be inviting for you to achieve your movement and fitness goals.

Our Vision:

To be the leading provider of Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates in Richmond


To empower each client and inspire members of the community to take a proactive and active approach with their health

Our Approach:

All of our therapists take a holistic approach in evaluating your injury.

The True Physio + Pilates Difference:

We are the first and only Physiotherapy clinic in Richmond to offer Reformer Based Clinical Pilates. All of our appointments are one-to-one allowing adequate time for your therapist to provide you with a comprehensive assessment and treatment. We don’t use machines – we achieve results through a hands on approach of manual therapy, exercise and needling where appropriate. We will never leave you alone during an appointment, the entire appointment duration is yours. We know your time and money is valuable. We do not over treat. We pride ourselves in the quality of care we provide to our clients. Our goal is to help and empower you through movement to achieve your full potential.