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Physio Bike Fitting

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helps with:

  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Efficiency

About Physio Bike Fitting

Performed by a Registered Physiotherapist and Certified Bike Fit Pro

A Physio Bike fit is a professional, comprehensive bike fit done by a Registered Physiotherapist. Fitting the body to the bike, and the bike to the body.

Performance, comfort and efficiency starts with the right fit. Proper fitting ensures maximum comfort and a great ride with improved power and efficiency. If your fit is not quite right, you may experience sore or numb hands, feet or saddle discomfort, knee pain, neck pain, back pain and ultimately a reduction in power production. Everyone’s body is different, and even the smallest millimeter adjustments on the bike, can make a world of difference. The bike is a machine that can be adjusted to fit the rider using wedges, cleat adjustmets, shims, stem, handlebar and saddle adjustments. Registered Physiotherapists are movement experts, so their ability to analyse your body both on, and off the bike leads to a superior fit that is individualized to you and your machine.

Components of a bike fit:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your body mechanics off the bike including assessment of leg length
  • Analysis of the cleat pedal interface
  • Analysis of crank length and hip knee mechanics through pedal stroke
  • Stem height, angle, length analysis using a stem sizer
  • Handle bar and hood adjustments
  • Saddle height, fore/aft adjustments, tilt
  • Laser light and comprehensive slow motion video analysis of on-bike mechanics
  • Goniometric measurements of upper and lower body
  • Side and front analysis of your pedal stroke and lower extremity alignment.
  • Education on technique and efficiencies

Your bike fit will occur in two parts:

Part 1 This one hour visit is a comprehensive analysis of your body off the bike, and a high level analysis of your on-bike mechanics for the therapist to get an idea of what your baseline fit indicates

Part 2 is booked 2 days or more following Part 1. This is the meat and potatoes of your bike fit. In this one to one and a half hour visit, an in-depth analysis is performed and all of the on bike adjustments adjustments are made.

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