Our Team

Christina Sequeira

Advanced Training

  • Master’s in Kinesiology
  • Certified Kinesiologist, BCAK
  • CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist™
  • CSEP High Performance Specialist™
  • ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist ®
  • Exercise is Medicine Level III™

Christina Sequeira


Christina is a certified clinical exercise physiologist and a practicing member of the BC Association of Kinesiologists. She graduated from UBC with a Master’s degree in Kinesiology focusing on population and public health.

Her pursuit of graduate school stemmed from her employment with the UBC School of Kinesiology. There, she applied evidence-based practices of blending athletic training principles into mainstream fitness for older adults. She incorporated clinical criteria within health screening to create highly tailored exercise programs for clients that were executed with specialized guidance by health care professionals. This approach laid the foundation for her major paper. She saw tremendous results while working collaboratively with physicians and physiotherapists.

Christina’s diverse skill-set enables her to work with clientele who have coexisting chronic health and musculoskeletal conditions. While her career started in cardiac rehabilitation with risk factor and disease management within the healthcare system, her skills expanded into prehabilitation and active rehabilitation in community health.

Her approach to rehab and wellness involves the establishment of outcome measures to help guide success, all while educating clients every step of the way throughout the rehabilitation process. She believes in empowering each person with knowledge of movement mechanics and exercise physiology, so fitness gains can be achieved safely while at the gym AND in daily life.

In Christina’s spare time, she can be found on a volleyball court playing recreationally with her husband or coaching her daughters’ teams at both school and club levels. When she is not coaching, she is working on special projects volunteering with her family who believes in giving back to the community to reduce social isolation by building connections.