Women’s Health: Pilates During and After Pregnancy

Having a baby is one of the most amazing and exciting miracles in life. Yet it also, can be a very challenging time for women as your body adapts to support the growing baby. During pregnancy, some of your existing symptoms can be aggravated or as your body changes, it can cause strain to certain parts of your body. Your body releases a hormone called Relaxin, which helps to loosen your ligaments to prepare the pelvis for the baby to descend. Commonly, women experience:

Contrary to belief, you don’t have to “suck it up” until after the baby is born! Pregnancy can be a great time for preparing your body for recovery, for birth and for being at your best in caring for your baby. This is a wonderful time as you strengthen your adapting body, prepare it for the labor, and also be ready to carry around a 20lb baby after 1 year one of giving birth! A pelvic floor physiotherapist can educate you and prescribe the right exercises to heal your body from birth and prepare your body for labour. Using Clinical Pilates* as an adjunct to your physiotherapy treatment plan is an effective way to retrain your pelvic floor and help your body adapt with the changes in function during pregnancy.

Women's Health and why physio is important for pregnant and postpartum women
Pregnant women can stay active all throughout their trimesters with Clinical Pilates*!
If you have questions or are interested in Pilates during or after pregnancy, contact us today!
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