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Elle Terezakis

Advanced Training

  • Balanced Body Reformer Pilates Training with Master Trainer Lauren Brandt

Elle Terezakis

Yoga and Pilates Professional


Elle had the privilege of completing the Balanced Body Reformer Pilates Training with Master Trainer Lauren Brandt.  Elle has been teaching Yoga since 2014 and believes everyone can benefit from the amazing transformation that comes from regular practice.  Her sessions include a combination of yoga postures and classical Pilates reformer exercises that will provide challenge, increase flexibility, increase strength and provide nourishing movements to detoxify the mind and body.  She believes that intelligent, mindful and slow movement is a chance to create more space and bring your body back to balance. A combination of Yoga and Pilates is the perfect way to gain flexibility and improve posture while developing optimal core stability. Whether its rehabilitating from an injury, or prevention and maintenance, the combination of Yoga and Pilates can help your body achieve the next level of health.

Elle also has training in Barre, Yoga for Athletes, Pilates. In your one on one session, she implements your tailored delegated program by providing instruction with hands on corrections and guidance, and cueing your own ability to become more body aware. Elle aims to empower her clients to achieve their personal best while enjoying the journey along the way.