What is Delegated Physiotherapy and how can it help me?

Use your benefits to YOUR benefit!

Delegated Physiotherapy is covered under “Physiotherapy Benefits”! A delegated Physiotherapy program can be preventative, or rehabilitative depending on your individual needs.

So… What is it?

A registered Physiotherapist will conduct a thorough Initial Assessment identifying any issues with flexibility, weaknesses, muscle imbalances, posture and core function. Your therapist will design a comprehensive exercise program to address your individual needs based on your assessment findings. Your program will be facilitated by one of our Physiotherapy assistants either in the form of Clinical Reformer Pilates, or gym based exercise programs. Your program is designed and monitored by your treating Physiotherapist, with reassessments for progressions done at intervals throughout your program, and is covered under Physiotherapy benefits. To find out more about delegated programs, and if they are right for you, ask your Physiotherapist or Trainer or contact us today!

In Conclusion, Delegated Physiotherapy is..

  • Facilitated exercise program either with Clinical Pilates, or Gym based
  • Overseen by a Registered Physiotherapist
  • Covered under Physiotherapy Benefits
  • Preventative exercise programs, or rehabilitative
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